What Happens When Talent Pushes?

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent talks about hiring talent on page 161.

There are two specific statements on that page which I think are interesting to note when it comes to your role as an administrative assistant: “Talent pushes to get answers,” and, “Talent pushes you constantly.”

The big question is, what does it mean to push? What does pushing look like or feel like to a hire that is considered to be talent?

You are always looking for ways to grow the business. You scour the Facebook groups for real estate agents and administrative assistants. You make time to dig deep and research how top teams achieve greater sales numbers. When you have an idea of how to increase business, you bring it to your Mega and insist on taking responsibility for implementation.

You are always looking for ways to be more efficient with time and money. You ask yourself how can you slash costs by even a fraction without sacrificing quality. You find out how to leverage your time better by hiring a VA to take on the low-value tasks that eat up too much of your time so that you can focus on more dollar-producing activities.

You are consistent with your efforts in asking the sales agents on your team to report their numbers or perform the tasks they have chosen to do in order to meet the sales goals they set for themselves. When they say they are going to do something, you follow up with them to make sure they did it. You celebrate with them when they are successful and you coach them into integrity when they fall short.

You conspire with your agents to determine which goals are the most worthy of pursuing and then you develop a plan and implement it. You remind the agents that you are all in and there is no squirrel chasing.

You lead by example. When given deadlines and goals, you meet them or beat them. You do not have excuses. You produce results.

You recognize the talent on your team. You bring in a special gift or note of appreciation when that talent succeeds and even when they fail. You recognize that failure is only temporary roadblocks and you work with the talent to overcome those obstacles.

Does pushing sound like nagging, whining, or complaining? Oh hell no.

Pushing sounds like encouragement, inspiration, and passion. Pushing sounds hopeful. “What if we could… How would you feel if we were able to… ¬†How would your life change if we…”

If you are not happy in your role, if you don’t get out of bed every work morning knowing how what you are doing that day is changing lives, if you aren’t fulfilled in this role, I would argue that you’re either doing it wrong, or you are not talent. In that case, perhaps it’s time to find a new line of work.

But maybe it’s time to update your job description. Add in: therapist, coach, mentor, problem-solver, fire fighter, mind reader, or cheerleader and then watch who you be. This changes everything.


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