What Do the Most Talented Executive Assistants Have in Common?

The further I move along as a real estate executive assistant, the more I realize that the EA’s with the most talent are the ones who assert themselves. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about being assertive. And I doubt it will be the last. It simply bears repeating.

The executive assistant, the right hand to the mega agent, the COO, the Director of Operations, the VP of Operations, no matter what you call yourself, if you are in this role it is imperative that you have some assertiveness about you.

In the DISC profile, this shows up a couple of different ways.

The first is where your D is above the line in some capacity. I interviewed Stephanie Bracket with The Anderson Group in Boise, ID. Her DISC is 99 D and 99 I. This woman is IN CHARGE and she makes things happen.

I’ve sat in a mastermind with Christy Belt Grossman from The Belt Team in northern Virginia and she’s a high D. She has traveled the country delivering her message about walking side by side with your Mega agent in Be a Boss! training.

It’s clear that the high D profile has an innate ability to push which means these people are able to drive businesses and people forward to bigger and better success.

But where does that leave those us who lead with C or S?

What I’ve also learned is that the CS or SC personality can act like a D when they are empowered and feel comfortable in their role.

Now take that in for a moment. We all have the ability to bring out our D when it’s needed. Our kids are having trouble at school so we march right up there and take care of business. We feel like the car dealership is treating us like idiots and we lay into them. The food at the fancy restaurant is terrible and we say something to the manager. When it matter MOST to us, we stick up for ourselves.

Now think about doing the same think in your role as executive assistant. It’s time you express your ideas, shut down your squirrel-chasing Mega, implement some kick-ass customer service systems. and generally get shit done.

If you’ve been in this role for over a year, you are likely quite comfortable. You know what job you are supposed to be doing and you know what duties your team is supposed to be doing. When you see areas of improvement, it’s your responsibility to call them out. Get assertive. Stop acting like an employee and KNOW that your job includes making sure things get done efficiently and effectively.

If you’ve taken the AVA, your vector 1 is likely a high number which indicates assertiveness and your vector 3 is likely also a high number which indicates impatience.

If you’ve taken the KPA, your Assertiveness scale will lean more towards the Aggressive side, or your Responsiveness scale will lean more towards the Expressive side, or finally your Intensity scale will lean more toward the Intense side.

Remember, in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary says on page 161, “Talent pushes you constantly. Nontalent requires you to push it.” If you are a talented Executive Assistant, you are expected to push your Mega.

Stop wasting your time waiting for your Mega to tell you what to do. Take the reigns and start driving. The most successful EA’s are doing this very thing.

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  1. McKenzie C.

    This is a great post, Elizabeth! The Talent vs. Non-Talent really puts it into a different perspective.

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)

      I’m glad this was helpful!

  2. Melissa O.

    Love it! “Take the reigns and start driving.”

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)


  3. Allison Alfone

    Thank you for the permission to do the job we are supposed to do!

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)

      Yes! There’s no reason for us to feel badly about making the business grow.


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