Too Many Problems to Solve?

You know what the most beautiful part of being an Ops Boss is? The fact that there will always be problems to solve. Solve one problem, and two more pop up. It reminds me of the Garbage song that goes, “I’m only happy when it rains.” Sometimes I get mad when there are too many problems to solve. But I should be happy. Because I am perfectly capable of solving those problems. Or at least I know I can figure it out.

And because there will always be problems to solve, we can never truly “arrive” or rest for too long even. Our team goal this year is to reach 200 units. That’s a problem because we don’t have enough agents for that. So we have to hire agents. That’s a problem, because where do you find good agents? How do you convince them to join the team? Once we figured that out, we now have a new problem of how to coach and train them. We also have the added problem of where to put them. Our office suite is now overflowing with agents.

My point in all of this is that so often we expect to have fewer or easier problems as we get more comfortable and confident in our roles. We expect to set systems in place and we expect those systems to work for everyone. In reality, that kind of thinking sets us up for disappointment.

I expect now that everything I put in place today will fail at some point in the future. I expect to have many more problems to solve. I expect that I will lack the necessary skills and talents to deal with those problems. Yet, I am extraordinarily confident that everything will be okay. Because I have already suffered through disappointments and loss, failures and setbacks. And I am still here. I am still struggling every day and I love it because it means I am alive!

So when you see fellow admin on Facebook sharing their perfectly designed pre-listing packet or their in-depth open house playbook, I want you to remember that those same admin have struggles of their own. They may be fighting with their mega. They may be completely overwhelmed because it’s time to hire more leverage, and there’s no money in the budget yet. No one has it all completely figured out, and they never will.

And thank goodness for that!

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