Time to Think

Are you so busy working on your to-do list that you spend little to no time thinking?

Would you ever consider taking time away from your office to just think?

I’m talking about doing something like going to a park, or a coffee shop, or a library, and just sitting there with a notebook, a pen, and your mind and simply thinking.

If you want to be your best in your role as a real estate executive assistant, I would argue that you don’t spend enough time thinking about it.

There’s just something magical that happens when you set aside time to do nothing but think.

What would happen if you were to do that? Could you create an improved way to track the business? Could you implement a new system for better customer service? You bet!

Thinking time is about setting aside time, distraction-free to actively think about a problem, a challenge, or a question.

Here are some questions for you to set aside time to think about:

  • Are my systems the most effective they can be, given the people and resources I have available to me now? How much more effective could they be if I had different people or resources?
  • What can I do as executive assistant to pour into my teammates so they feel supported and appreciated by me?
  • What can I do as executive assistant to provide such a high level of customer service to our clients that they would never consider using another real estate team?
  • How do I replace myself as executive assistant? What would replacing myself do for me and for the team?
  • What’s my next challenge?
  • What actually makes me happy?
  • If nothing changes, what problems will our team face?
  • What problems would be created if we hired five new agents at once?
  • What do I need to get clarity around? What is confusing or directionless right now, that if I got clarity I could go to work on solving the problem of how to get there?
  • What’s the gap? Where are we right now, and where do we want to be? Inside that gap, what’s the one thing preventing us from getting where we want to be? What process or system could I build and implement to overcome the obstacle?
  • Where am I getting in my own way, and what can I do about that?
  • What is my current problem? And what is the underlying cause of that problem? How do I solve that underlying cause?

I challenge you to set aside just one hour a week for this. Maybe you could delay going into the office for an hour on a Friday and instead spend that time thinking. I think you’ll be amazed with what you can come up with!

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