The Most Important Task That’s Not Mentioned in Your Job Description

There’s something important that your agent is relying on you for.

It’s not probably not in your job description.

You might not have heard anyone talk about it.

Quite honestly, you were really only hired to do ONE THING…help the team grow.

Processing paperwork, talking to clients and agents, and publishing marketing materials is probably where you spend most of your time day to day. These activities are necessary.

But truly, the ONE THING that you can do to add the most value to the team you work for is to help grow the team. To help more people. To make more money. (Money is good for the good it can do.)

So how do you help grow the team?

Improve Your Mindset

Hold yourself accountable to having a good attitude. No one wants to work with you if you are negative and complain all the time. Do you struggle with this? Go get Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude and read it 5 times. Your attitude will improve as a result.

Improve Your Skills

Are you a social media master? Can you edit photos and documents in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? Can you design a newsletter and send it to past clients? Can you shoot a video and edit it? Have you determined the most efficient way to process a contract from beginning to end?

If the answer to any of these is no, then go out and learn how. There are numerous YouTube videos and blogs out there that will teach you anything you want to know. When you learn these things, you add value to the team. Now you can post Facebook ads which capture leads for your buyer’s agent. Now you can film and post a video to your team website that drives SEO. Now you have an online marketing plan that is so impressive, sellers can’t wait to list with your team.

Voice Your Opinion

Sometimes your agents will struggle. Maybe they can’t figure out what they said or did wrong that made the client mad. Maybe they are tired of showing houses and can’t get the buyers to just pick something already. Maybe they aren’t taking as many listings as they used to and they can’t figure out why.

How in the world could you possibly help your agents with these problems?

First of all, you can help just by listening. Sometimes people need to think out loud. And talking to you is more comfortable than talking to themselves in an empty room. Magically, they will come to a conclusion or next step and then thank YOU for all your help. (Trust me, this works! When you agent is complaining, just say, “Tell me more about that.” The floodgates will open.)

Second, be a sounding board. Ask questions. You don’t have to know the answers, but if you do, then make suggestions. Say things like, “Have you tried…? Would you consider…? What if you…? Would it help if I…?” By asking these types of questions, you will help the agent uncover for themselves how to solve the problem.

Consume Everything Then Implement Wisely

I like to consider myself to be a library of knowledge. I’ve listened to so many webinars, ready so many books and blogs, attended so much training, that I have an answer for just about everything. When you expose yourself to so many different ways of thinking and doing, you become valuable. You take what you learn and run it though the filter of “How can this help my team?” And then you start seeing how it all fits together. New ideas just emerge and you write it down and make a plan and implement it and then things start to happen! You get more website registrations, you get more phone calls, you get more social media engagement. And it all starts with learning as much as you can.

Attend every training session in your market center or at your real estate company’s office. And yes, I mean everything. Especially those sessions intended for agents. If everyone else on the team is attending training and then they come to you to help them implement a system, but you have no idea what they are talking about, that just won’t work. If a system is to be implemented, everyone on the team has to have buy-in. Everyone involved has to understand WHY the new system is needed and WHAT the expected outcome should be.

The Most Important Task Not Mentioned in Your Job Description

What’s the best thing you’ve done to help your team grow? I’d love to hear your story in the comments!



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