The Importance of Setting a Vision for Yourself

No one ever says they want to be a real estate executive agent.

When I graduated high school, I didn’t know what to pick for a major. I figured I had a lot of fun in my high school English classes, so I would study to be an English teacher.

Along the way, I narrowed that down to a specific role. I wanted to be the dean of the English department at a small college.

Well that never happened. What did happen is that during my senior year of college, I went to a job fair for future teachers where I met the principal of a high school in a town near where I grew up. I ended up accepting a position as a middle/high school English teacher which I kept for three years.

I certainly wanted more for my life though and after two years as an apartment leasing consultant, I found my way to a position with a real estate team as their Marketing and Administrative Assistant.

Several things happened along the way, but where I find myself today is as close to being the dean of the English department at a small college as I have ever been. I am the head of the operations department (COO) at a small real estate team.

Of course, now that I have this role, my goal has changed. I want to be the COO of a highly successful real estate team comprised of a team of ninjas who execute their positions at an extremely high level.

What I’ve learned during this process is to not be afraid to do something I’m not qualified to do.

I don’t have an MBA. I don’t have a degree in political science. I never officially studied leadership.

Yet, I have complete ownership of the COO roll. I made it my own. I struck out and studied leadership and coaching and strategy and business. I studied sales. I studied those who created successful real estate teams and sought to apply their systems in conjunction with my own.

My vision for myself all those years ago was to become a leader. And that is exactly what I have accomplished.

If you don’t set a vision yourself, you are at the mercy of what other people want you to become. That’s being reactive versus being proactive.

What is the vision you have cast for yourself? Who will you become, and how will you get there?

You can’t leave it up to your rainmaker to assign your role. You must choose.

What do you want your role to look like five years from now? What will you be doing and who will you be serving?

Now make a plan and commit to it. If you were 100% committed to your vision, what would you have to do? What skills would you  have to learn and what knowledge would you have to acquire?

Then be purposeful about acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill your vision. Read books, watch YouTube videos, attending training, purchase online courses. Then practice what you learn from those things.

I want you to understand that it is completely your choice as what you choose to do in your role. Now go out there and make it happen!

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