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I have to give full credit to my transaction coordinator Courtney Downer for turning me on to this website: It is just about EVERYTHING you need to manipulate pdf’s.

Tech Tool Smallpdf

Here are the functions I find myself using the most:

  • Compress PDF – Dramatically reduce the file size of your PDF
  • Merge PDF – Combine several PDF files into one single file
  • Split PDF – Create a new document from selected pages

And for those of you who sometimes received scanned documents from clients in the form of a jpeg, there is JPG to PDF.

Besides the four mentioned above, there are eight other things you can do with pdf’s on the website.

It is super simple to use and there’s no program to download. Check it out at and let me know if you like it in the comments. By the way – it’s FREE!


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  1. Courtney D

    Find of the year, for sure!!


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