Tech Tool: Movavi

One tool that every great assistant should have in his or her arsenal is a video capture and editing tool. I recently discovered Movavi Screen Capture Studio and I love how it works.


There’s a lot you can do with the program, but I specifically use it for two things.

Our operations manual is stored online using a WordPress blog. I’ll use Movavi to screen capture how to do various things like enter contacts into our database or how to market our listings online. These are short tutuorials that are much more powerful (and less time-consuming) than taking screen shots and typing instructions.

Because Movavi captures anything on the screen, I also like to use it to record webinars. Usually webinars are recorded and distrubuted by the person hosting the webinar. But if that’s not offered, using Movavi lets you do it yourself. You can also record Google Voice phone conversations as well as Google Hangouts.

What’s nice about Movavi as well is that you can record something on your computer and then save it as an mp4 video or save it as an mp3 audio which is really helpful if you want to listen to the recording in your car.

The cost is a one-time fee of $49.95.


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