Tech Tool: Boomerang for Gmail

If you are not using Boomerang for Gmail, you are missing out on one of THE most useful tools for an administrative assistant in real estate. By far, this tool will help you become more efficient and more organized than anything else out there.


My 5 Most Common Uses for Boomerang

1. Send Later for Responding to Clients – I try not to check my work email too often in the evenings and on the weekend. However, sometimes I get sucked in. If there’s an email that needs my response and it’s going to take less than a minute to respond, I will go ahead and compose the response, but I will use the Send Later button and set the day and time to the next time I’m actually working. So if I see an email at 4:15 AM when I’m drinking some coffee and getting ready for the gym, I will set the Send Later timer to 8:15 AM that same day. That way, clients won’t see that I’m available at any other time except business hours.

2. Send Later for Reminders to Myself – I tend to research a bit online before jumping into a new creative project. For instance, I wanted to learn more about getting better at social media management. So I found a few good articles about it. Rather than just bookmarking those, I put the links in an email to myself and used the Send Later function to email them to myself at the next time I had timeblocked in my schedule to work on building my social media plan. When the timeblock arrives, I receive the email and click the links I need and I’m off and running.

3. Boomerang This If No Reply – As assistants, we often send email to clients and co-op agents that need a response. I used to keep a paper list titled “Waiting For” and then write down everything that I was waiting for someone to get back to me about. Now I use the Boomerang This If No Reply feature. If the person doesn’t respond to my email by the deadline that I set, the email I sent to them will pop back up in my inbox so that I can try to email them again, or I can choose to try something different like calling or texting to get the response I need.

4. Snooze – I have a folder in my Gmail account called Later, but I’m getting rid of that. Now, I can “snooze” an email, which just means that Boomerang will re-send the email to me at the day and time of my choosing. My agent emails me contact information for expired listings that he wants entered into the database. But he wants me to wait 24 hours to see if they re-list with their previous agent first. So when he send me the expired listings of the day, I Boomerang that email to pop back up in my inbox 24 hours later. That way I don’t forget about them.

5. Schedule a Recurring Message – Sometimes I forget to ask my team to email me their stat sheets for the week. They are due to me every Monday. With Boomerang, all I have to do is use the Schedule a Recurring Message feature and every morning my team receives an email from me asking them to attach their stat sheets. Now, I don’t have to remember to ask. I can even use the Boomerang This If No Reply feature along with it so that if the agent doesn’t send me their sheet by the end of the day, I can bug them about it in person!

Watch Me Use Boomerang

I recorded this quick video so you can see just a couple of these functions in action.

Boomerang Tutorial Videos

Watch the Boomerang team demonstrate each feature at the bottom of their website


Ready to Download Boomerang?

You can download Boomerang at It is free to get started, but Boomerang limits the free version to 10 emails per month. I use the Pro version. There is a 17% discount if you choose to pay annually.



DISCLAIMER: I am not getting paid to promote Boomerang. I just love it so much and want you to know that’s it has saved me so much brain power! Give it a try. I think you’ll love it too.

Are YOU using Boomerang? Tell me how much you love it or how you are using it in the comments below!


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