Slack for Real Estate Teams

Quite honestly, I’m not sure how we’ve survived so long without Slack. It’s a multi-media tool for team communication. Essentially, our team has stopped communicating with each other by text, email, and Facebook messaging and we’ve gone strictly with Slack. I love how I can use this through an app on my phone as well as an app on my desktop computer. I can even use it through a browser window if I need to.

Here’s a video for you that shows you exactly how it works:

What do you think? Could you give up text and email in exchange for Slack?


  1. Matt Irons

    Hi Elizabeth

    Thanks so much for the detailed preview of #Slack! I’m VERY interested in integrating it into our real estate team.

    One question I had for you is regarding communication to other agents and clients. Do you still have to email them (instead of using Slack)? If that’s the case I can see a lot of push back from team members resistant to adopting Slack arguing “Well we have to use email anyway…”.

    If you had to address this argument, how did you over come it? Any additional suggestions is appreciated!
    Thank you again,

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)

      Slack is for internal communication only. So no, you wouldn’t want clients and co-op agents in there with you. The beauty of it is that you now have one channel for communication instead of two (email and text). Our agents were emailing, texting, leaving notes on our desk, verbally telling us things. Once we all got trained to use Slack, it was so much easier. Yes, you still have to use email and text from clients and co-op agents, but now email and text is reserved just for clients and co-op agents. Yes, the agents will forward emails to us from clients and co-op agents, so we still do use that, but it really cuts down on miscommunication when we tell the agents to put all their communication to us in Slack.


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