About Elizabeth Gilbert

My name is Elizabeth Gilbert and I have been an executive assistant since 2004. I’ve learned a lot over the years and it’s my goal to share this knowledge with other real estate executive assistants, transaction coordinators, marketing managers, and virtual assistants.

I currently hold the position of Chief Operations Officer for Ron Henderson & Associates at Keller Williams in Kansas City, MO. In 2019, our team closed 115 sides with a total volume of $28 million.

Our team consists of:
Ron Henderson – rainmaker, mega agent
Sales Team – Kevin Buchanan, Amanda McCoy, Charles Gilbert, Hannah Van Derson, and John Harris
Barbara DePeralta – client care manager
And me…I mentor Barbara, serve as armchair therapist for Ron, hire and onboard new team members, and coach the sales team

I am 42 years old, and I have been married for 20 years. I love watching movies with my husband Aaron, reading books, lifting weights, playing tennis, and bowling. As an introvert, I don’t spend a lot a time with strangers and would rather stay home on the weekends than be overwhelmed by a large crowd of people. I am a CD on the DISC assessment. My AVA is 731*9*-7 and my Myers-Briggs is INTJ. And here is a photo of my KPA:

If you ever want to connect with me, the easiest way is to just send me an email: egilbert@kw.com. I am so excited to get to know you!



  1. Chris young

    Keller Williams and real estate in general is very open about numbers and gross etc. Yet for some reason I find that the administrative $ is very hush hush. I know that the #s are different based on the market area but have you written or seen anything about payment for all that we do? I’m the Closing Coordinator/Listing Coordinator/Human Resources for my team of 8, Executive Assistant to my mega agent. I have been commission for years (licensed agent here) and now being switched to salary so I’m at a loss for what others are being paid. Help? Suggestions? Advice on where to look?


    I would like to know what all of the available work you offer? thanks.


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