My Favorite Facebook Groups

I don’t know what people did before online forums like Facebook Groups. There’s no better way to connect with people from all around the world and collaborate about what matters most to you.

Groups for Assistants

Here are the groups I rely on daily for help with my job as an executive assistant. Descriptions are copied directly from the group’s Facebook page.

Real Estate Admins

Description: This is a CLOSED Group for admins with any real estate company. This includes AEs, EAs, TC, Client Care Managers, MCAs, Listing Coordinators, Marketing Managers, etc. This group is not meant for Agents, Mega Agents, Team Leaders, Listing Agents, Buyer Agents, etc. If you are requesting to be added to the group, please also private message Christy Belt Grossman or Katrina Meistering to let them know of your request, what team you are with and what your role is. Thanks!

Why I like this group: My transaction coordinator, Courtney Downer, told me “Christy Belt Grossman is like the Mo Anderson of admin.” I couldn’t agree more! Her guidance is priceless. She’s been there, done that, and she has a heart of gold to prove it.

The great thing about this group is that there are no agents. It’s a safe place to talk about our agents and get some ideas on how we can best work with them. This group is admin at their finest.

Executive Assistants Mastermind — KW Mega Teams

Description: This is a group where Admin on Mega-Agent Teams within KW can Mastermind. Add those you think this would be appropriate for who are playing administrative roles on their teams. If you add someone, message an admin to verify your add is an admin or agent leader.

Why I like this group: There are agents and admin alike in this group and the sharing is phenomenal. The Files section is full of every checklist, survey, tracking system, emails, etc that you could every possibly want.

Groups for Agents

Even though these groups are designed for agents, I still get a great deal of value out of them. And let’s face it, you are technically an administrative agent especially if you have your real estate license. So own it!

Real Estate Agent Round Table

Description: The Real Estate Agent Round Table is a group where agents can share ideas & questions about developing more business & providing better services to clients. We will also use many of the topics & ideas shared in this group on our website as content to further help agents improve their careers. Members of this group are also regularly asked to appear in video interviews also featured on our site.

Why I like this group: Lots of scripts, team dynamics, and sharing of resources for agents that are also helpful for admin.

Lab Coat Agents

Description: Lab Coat Agents is a group of real estate agents & brokers collaborating together to create the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips and techniques to grow your business, and discussing the latest tech to help leverage your time. We are here to “Explore the science of real estate.”

Why I like this group: There are over 23,000 people in this group. No matter the question, you’re going to get LOTS of help.

Agent Mastermind

Description: This group is for Real Estate Agents that are part of the Agent Mastermind program through a sponsoring Loan Officer.

We are a Mastermind Group of like minded Real Estate professionals from around the world who research, share and implement an incredible collection of unbelievably effective marketing strategies.

We believe that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we as a group are helping others to succeed.

We believe that our collective success will far exceed our individual successes.

We believe that success is dynamic. It does not stand still. Each of us is constantly either becoming more successful or less successful.

On its own, an ember cools and the heat it produces dies away. But as part of a collection of other burning embers, the heat builds and provides warmth for those around it.

To get invites to the Agent Mastermind webinars associated with this group (centered mostly around marketing) send an email to my loan officer Darren Copeland with LeaderOne Mortgage ( and ask to join. Tell him I sent you. He’ll get you set up. I’ve watched many of these webinars which I’ve used to help develop our team’s marketing strategies.

Lori Ballen’s Marketing Mastermind

Description: A Group of Masterminds with ANY COMPANY who appreciate the high minded conversation around Marketing and Lead Generation. This group was not designed for self promotion.

Why I like this group: Lori is super involved and super smart when it comes to marketing. I’ve learned so much from her just through this group. If you or someone on your team geeks out over online marketing, this is the perfect group to feed the geek!

Product Specific Groups

CTE – Commitment to Excellence

No description.

Why I like this group: If your Market Center has CTE, this is the support page for it. The creator of CTE, Calvin Mergen, follows up on questions and directs you to email him if your problem is specific to you and requires him to tweak your spreadsheet. Group members are very helpful in answering questions too.

RSTLM Roundtable

Description: Graduates of RSTLM get together to ask questions, and trade their “AHAs”

Why I like this group: Agents talk about specific roles they are hiring for and then share the candidate’s AVA. It’s interesting to see what people have to say about specific AVA patterns. This group is a must if you are in charge of any part of the hiring process on your team.

dotloop user community

Description: The sole purpose of this group is to connect users of dotloop with other real estate professionals to share best practices, offer feature suggestions, answer questions others may have, and share the #peoplework principles and how you apply them in your business.

Why I like this group: It’s a great place to ask a question if you forget how to do something or are working late at night when tech support is closed.

DISC for Real Estate

Description: Helping agents understand DISC for Practical application, growing teams, and just overall communications. The purpose is: #1, To know Thyself, #2 Better understand our buyers and sellers, #3 Better communications with our co-op agents and team mates.

Why I like this group: The more I learn about DISC profiles, the easier it is for me to interact with my team members.

New Groups to Check Out

Keller Williams Realty Listing Specialist/Coordinator Group

Jessia Goecke just started a new group specifically for Listing Coordinators, Listing Managers, and Listing Specialists.

Description: A highly purposeful group for all Listing Coordinators and Listing Specialists in Keller Williams Realty to brainstorm, collaborate and reflect with each other to achieve the best for ourselves and our clients!

KW Transaction Coordination

My transaction coordinator, Courtney, just started a new group specifically for Transaction Coordinators.

Description: This is a CLOSED Group for Transaction Coordinators within Keller Williams. For clarity, the bulk duties of a Transaction Coordinator are CONTRACT to CLOSE. This group is meant to be an opportunity for TC’s to mastermind about Contract to Close. Including, but not limited to: adding value to the transaction through your role as TC, sharing techniques which brought success to your team or failed, team dynamics and interpersonal relationships, etc. The group is not meant for Agents, Mega Agents, Team Leaders, Listing Agents, Buyer Agents, and Admins who are not active in transaction coordination, etc. If you are requesting to be added to the group, please also private message Courtney Downer to let her know of your request, what team you are with. Thanks!

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I hope you find a new group to join and expand your thinking and your skills through the group. I know I have found them to be invaluable. Got a group to recommend? Post it in the comments! Reach out to me if you have questions or need advice:




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