Meet Consistently with Your Agent so You Don’t End Up Crying in the Bathroom

Are you spending enough time with your agent? Do you have weekly meetings? Do you have daily meetings? What should you be talking about?

When we get really busy in our real estate office, we often let things slide. Too often, the things we choose to let slide are the most important things. One of those is meeting with your agent on a consistent basis.

You may think you don’t need to meet because you talk to him daily. What I’m talking about here though is having pointed conversations about strategy and specifically how you are dealing with everything that’s coming your way.

For me personally, it’s very difficult to ask for help. It is so hard to speak aloud those three little words to another human being.

I. Need. Help.

If you are not meeting with your agent and having these discussions, this kind of pressure builds until you find yourself snapping at your team and crying in the bathroom.

(Ok, I don’t hardly ever cry, but I know some of you do and I’m calling you out. No, instead, I get eczema that if I let it get bad enough, I end up crying about it because it’s so frustrating to be stressed AND itchy! Sounds like I should should just cry it out and then maybe I won’t get eczema huh?)

So let’s get back to frequency and topics.

Daily Meetings

I recommend meeting daily for 5 to 15 minutes in the morning and another 5 to 15 minutes in the afternoon.

The morning meeting should be about any business or discussions your agent had with clients after you left the office last night or over the weekend. Actually have your agent take out his phone and go through all the people he spoke with and catch you up. This will make your job easier.

I can’t tell you how many times my agent has burned me with this. He will have spoken to a client in the evening about some information I needed. And then the next morning, I call the client to get the information. But she tells me she already spoke to my agent about the exact same thing the night before. Arg! Don’t I feel like the idiot now?

Even if this meeting needs to be a phone call with your agent, just do it. And do it before any phone calls or emails you might make. This will save you so much frustration.

Your afternoon meeting is simply to check in and make sure you did everything that needed to be done before you left for the day. Have this meeting about an hour before you would typically leave the office. That way, if your agent forgot to tell you that he needed listing documents prepared for his appointment that evening, you still have time to do them before you want to leave.

Again, have him go through his phone and look at who he spoke with in case there’s a conversation he had with someone that he forgot to tell you about.

Weekly Meetings

I recommend meeting weekly with your agent one on one for about an hour. That seems to be enough time for each of you to bring up big picture topics. At this meeting you should be discussing any of the following:

  • marketing efforts and results
  • lead generation efforts and results
  • accountability for any tasks or projects you or he said each of you would complete
  • team members’ performance – are they hitting their goals, how can you help them improve, and what support do they need from both you and your agent
  • budget and/or profit and loss
  • stress levels – if there’s a trend week over week, it could be an indicator that it’s time to hire leverage for one or both of you, or you could need to implement new systems

You might not need to discuss each of these topics every week. Some of them will not be relevant depending on your goals and focus for the year.

And that’s it, twice a day for a few minutes and once a week for about an hour will help keep you sane. And at least if you are experiencing stress, you can communicate that with your agent. He may even have a solution for you that you hadn’t thought of!


Photo courtesy of MIKI Yoshihito

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