Internet Marketing Resources for Real Estate Administrative Assistants

A long long time ago, I was a new administrative assistant. And I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing!

So, I learned by consuming everything I could find. Back in the day, it was CD’s with videos of top teams and how they did their listing presentations and ran their back offices.

As the Internet grew more information became available.

Now, you can’t turn around without bumping into all kinds of information. Facebook practically shoves it up your nose for you.

Here are my top sources for learning specifically about Internet marketing.

Chris Smith at Curaytor

“Way back when” Chris Smith was just a guy who ran a group for agents called Tech Savvy Agent. He really helped me understand MY job as a marketer a lot better! It’s been a long time since he left that project and he’s done some really amazing things. His newest project is FREE and helps people like you and me navigate the technology needed to market our teams and listings and to get new leads.

Every Wednesday at 4:00 EST he and Jimmy Macken go live on YouTube and Facebook. You can be notified by email when they go live by clicking through on this link:

Lori Ballen’s Marketing Mastermind Group on Facebook

This is the perfect place to keep up to date on the newest technology. Lori herself chimes in with what she is learning at the moment and shares a TON of valuable information. If you like being self-taught, Lori’s group is great at pointing out the new stuff so you can go research it and learn it on your own.

Her group can be found here:

Paperless Agent

I’ve probably watched 20+ hours of webinar material from Garry Wise and Chris Scott. Seems like I always walk away with a new idea for Facebook ads, search engine optimization, or social media.

Here’s a link their blog:

And here’s their Facebook page:

Chalene Johnson

You may know Chalene from her fitness videos like Turbo Jam, but I will tell you, she is one savvy business lady! The majority of her career now is around building businesses. Her blog is a lot of help as is her Build Your Tribe podcast. You will do yourself a big favor by following her.

Katie Lance

I’ve only recently started following Katie and I love her! She’s got social media figured out for sure. Seems like she’s on a webinar dropping value bombs at least twice a month. You can subscribe to her email list for all the good stuff.

Do you have a tech company or social media guru you like to follow? Mention your favorites in the comments!

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    Linda Ward’s Facebook Groups, Ladies of Real Estate and Within The Vault. (also:


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