How to Print on a Sticky Note

Printing on sticky notes has be pretty helpful to me as an executive assistant, so I thought I would give you a couple of tools that will make this process easy for you.

  1. Print this Sticky Note Template on a regular piece of 8.5 x 11 paper.


2. Put your 3×3 sticky notes on the page with the sticky sides towards the top.


3. Open this Text Template and type what you want to print. Be sure to delete the words in the boxes that you don’t want to print.

4. Load your paper with the sticky notes on it into the manual feed tray of your printer so that it pulls the sticky sides through first. If you get this wrong, it could ruin your printer, so be sure to print a test page first so you know which side is the top.

5. Now you have printed stickies!


I use printed sticky notes for several thing including

  • commonly used phone numbers such as those of my team and title companies, because I need to see the numbers in order to give them to other people while I’m on the phone without having to look them up
  • support numbers to DotLoop and Top Producer
  • the phone number to our company’s front desk – we have great SEO and sometimes people will call our team directly thinking they are calling Keller Williams
  • our fax number – every six months or so, someone needs it
  • credit card numbers – I cut the sticky note and tape it to the back of my calculator so it’s always handy
  • wifi password – I stick this one on the front inside panel of my file drawer. I don’t need it often, but sometimes someone will get a new device and need to connect, but it’s been so long since the last time I needed it that I can never remember it!
  • great quotes
  • affirmations
  • file labels – We don’t do a whole lot of wet signatures anymore, but I like to use sticky notes as file labels when I give listing paperwork to my lead agent so I can re-use the folder for the next client
  • my morning checklist – since it never changes, I printed it on a sticky note and stuck it by my monitor. On my calendar, I time blocked an hour every morning that simply says Morning Checklist

What else would you print on a sticky note? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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