End Multiple Loop Madness in DotLoop

We use DotLoop for all of our contracts. The majority of our sellers sign their listing documents in DotLoop.

I would get frustrated when buyer’s agents would send us offers in DotLoop, but they would create a new loop and name it something with their buyers’ names and then we would receive it and you really can’t tell what listing they are making the offer on unless you open it up. And then I would make this face:

End Multiple Loop Madness in .DotLoop

I just caught on to the fact that DotLoop now offers a way for the buyer’s agent to receive those live DotLoop documents and have his own clients sign them in DotLoop as well making for a seamless transaction.

As you can see in this loop, I have all of my listing documents signed by the sellers.



The next step is to move the documents that I want the buyer’s agent to have into a new folder by clicking “Add Folder” and renaming it.


Now we copy each document we want to move by clicking the check boxes next to the documents and then clicking “Copy to”.



In the pop-up box, select “Copy as DotLoop Document” and then click “To Loop”. **NOTE** – For any documents that require the buyer’s agent to fill in the buyers names, you will want to use “Copy as flat pdf”. Otherwise, your sellers’ signatures will be wiped out and they will have to re-sign.


In the search bar, type any part of the name of the loop you are working in and a list will pop up. Click on the name of the loop you are working in then click the name of your new folder. Last, click “Copy”. Repeat this for all documents you want the buyer’s agent to have.



Once you have all your documents in place, click “Set Up Easy Offer”.


Click the name of the new folder you created.



You now have a link to copy/paste into the Agent Remarks section of your MLS. (Don’t forget to click Save!)



If you ever need to find the link again, it’s right here. Click this will open the same pop-up box right above.



For someone without a DotLoop account, the link opens this window:


The buyer’s agent does not NEED to have a paid account with DotLoop. They can create one for free and use it with their clients to work with you on this transaction. If they already have an account, they can sign in and it’s business as usual. But now, when the buyers sign documents and the buyer’s agent shares them back with you, they will come right into this new folder you created in your own loop. Brilliant!

I’m always available for questions. Just email me: egilbert AT kw DOT com.


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  1. Rachel Graham

    How does this creation of an Easy Loop prevent multiple folders? If a property is receiving multiple offers, each created by a different agent, how does that all end up as one Loop?


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