Don’t Wait for Permission


It’s your job to keep your eyes and ears open for things that will benefit the team.

Maybe that’s new technology, a new online system, better office space.

Some things you will be vigilantly looking for. You and your agent have identified a gap and you have been tasked with researching and presenting a solution.

Other things will be introduced to you through another admin, a Facebook group, an ad you saw online, a blog post, a book.

Don’t wait for permission to research this thing if you think it will benefit the team.

As an example, I heard about Calvin Mergen’s Commitment to Excellence (CTE) on the Executive Assistants Facebook group. The admin who had access to it raved about it.

I researched it and discovered that my market center was not a subscriber. I brought it up to my market center’s TL and MCA and was pretty much shot down. “It’s too expensive. We tried it before and it was a mess.”

Yet, I persisted.

I hopped on a webinar about it. I sent the replay to my MCA. She promised to check it out.

I told my agent, Ron, that even if our market center chose not to subscribe, that we would subscribe as a team. I was convinced it would benefit our team.

My MCA watched the webinar, and then she and the TL did some more research at Family Reunion.

A week later, my market center has CTE.

Again, don’t wait for permission to research something if you think it will benefit the team.

Find out from your agent how much money you can spend without asking. If you need to buy a book or a program, it’s probably just a matter of doing it.

If it involves a large sum of money, do the research and present your case. If the budget has already been set, ask how much business needs to come it before you can move forward with it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of these actions.


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