Do Hard Things

Here’s the truth.

No one ever accomplished anything by sitting on their couch watching TV.

We already know this, but sometimes, we need reminding.

We forget you see.

I need reminding too. That’s why I printed this graphic and framed it.

It sits on my desk in my home office to serve as a reminder. (You can download the graphic and print it by right clicking on the image and choosing “Save image as…”)

What’s funny is that we don’t need to be reminded about the things that are now a habit for us. We easily brush our teeth before we go to work. But as kids, our parents had to remind us.

I easily get up at 4 AM during the week and go to the gym. But I didn’t always get up that early.

When I first made the decision to switch my workouts from the afternoon to the morning, it was hard as hell. 4 AM sucked. But I stuck with it. I kept doing the hard thing until it was easy. And now I miss way fewer workouts because it’s the first thing I do most weekdays. I make it my first priority of the day. It’s that important.

What’s your priority? What’s the hard thing you need to keep doing until it’s easy?

Maybe time blocking is hard for you. Do it every day until it becomes easy.

Maybe calling clients is hard for you. Do it every day until it becomes easy.

Maybe writing content is hard for your. Do it every day until it becomes easy.

What could you accomplish by doing hard things?

Who could you become by doing hard things?

When you master one hard thing after another, you become invaluable. When you say you’ll do something, it’s as good as done.

Your rainmaker and your team know they can trust you and rely on you. You bring ideas to life.

Simply because you Do Hard Things.

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