Creating Value for Everyone You Work With

I want to talk real quick about providing value to your clients and your customers and to everyone you work with even if it’s a co-op agent, a title company, no matter what.

Today I just got done with an eye appointment, and I went to this eye doctor on the recommendation of my transaction coordinator whose mother sees this eye doctor. I had never heard of him before and the only reason I really wanted to go to him was because it was going to be someplace that was close to my office.

I get there and he’s a very nice man. I love his receptionist. They get me in and out, and honestly I had so many eye problems that I just wanted it fixed and I was willing to spend the money to do it.

By the time all was said and done, I need new contacts, and new eye drops. In the end it ended up costing me close to $800. And that’s ok. I wanted it done. I was committed to my health and to getting this fixed.

So today was the last day that I saw him and I was very thankful and I expressed my gratitude to him. I realized that he just provided me with a ton of value. He fixed my problem which is really what I wanted and to be honest, I had been seeing another eye doctor since the third grade and I’m almost 40 now. That’s a long time with one doctor so I had never known how anyone else operates. He took the time to examine my eyes from every which way to Sunday, all kinds of tests. And to me he provided a ton of value.

So that’s what I want to make sure that you are providing to the people that you work with. Are you asking all of the questions? Do you know when your sellers are moving and do they have a moving van? Do they know who to call? Do you have a vendor list you can provide to them? We provide notary services, just to make it convenient, but don’t let that limit you. If you have some extra time and want to run an errand for them, do it. Just very simple things you can do to provide value to your clients so that they are grateful in the end and they do recommend and refer you and sing your praises.

We have clients on Facebook who comment and like everything and share everything. It just makes it that much more fun when you’re interacting with your clients.

Be thinking about what other value-added services you could be providing. Here’s a quick list to get you going:

  1. Notary service
  2. Vendor list
  3. Copy/printing service
  4. Items they can borrow such as a moving truck/trailer, party supplies (margarita machine, ice cream maker, cotton candy maker, etc), tools
  5. Offering to check on the house while your sellers are on vacation
  6. Arranging for repairs or offering to let vendors into the house
  7. Paying for junk removal
  8. Paying to have giant holes patched for the buyers when then move into a house where the sellers had mounted TV’s.
  9. Planting a tree in the yard for your buyers

The list could go on and on. The important part is to pay attention to what people are saying and thinking of ways for you to provide value where you can.

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