Creating a Google Form for Real Estate Agents to Request Listing Documents

If you haven’t been using Google Forms, here’s a fun and easy way to get started.

Before I had this Listing Docs Request Form, my listing agent would just email me to tell me who needed a listing agreement and what price to list them at. I’d have to follow up with a bunch of questions and it just took way more time than it should have.

I created this Google Form and now my listing agent saves the link as a bookmark. Whenever he needs docs, he clicks the link and fills out the form. I get an email, prepare the docs, and away we go!

You can see below the form I’m currently using. You’ll see that one of the questions asks if I need to prepare a buyer rep agreement as well. Sellers often want to sell their home so they can buy another, and it’s easiest to get them to sign all the documents at once. So I’ll prepare that form as well if needed.

You can copy the form for yourself using this link. Please be sure to Copy the form before you begin editing it!

If you’ve never created a Google Form before, be sure to watch the video tutorial below the form!


  1. Holly

    That’s an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing and teaching!

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)

      Hi Holly! I’m glad you like it!

  2. Brad Daniels

    I’m glad to see that you recommend this. Google Forms has been my new best friend for the a la carte admin work I do. The forms you create work quite well on smartphones too, so agents can fill it out in the field easily.

  3. Jenise

    How do I share my drive with my TC, so that she has access to my mapped folders and files?


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