Clean Your Computer for Better Performance

I have an old laptop we use in my office as a print server. All that means is that the printer is plugged into it and since the laptop is wi-fi, then everyone on my team can use the same printer wirelessly. (Don’t ask why we didn’t just get a wireless printer…)

So this old laptop started acting wonky. It suddenly said there’s not enough memory. That meant none of us could print.

I couldn’t figure out why the memory was full.

I deleted a bunch of old programs to free up space but that didn’t work.

I considered reformatting the hard drive, but that would mean more work re-installing the necessary programs.

Then I remembered CCleaner. Turns out I actually had the program on that laptop.

I ran it and poof! All my memory problems disappeared. Now that old laptop works just fine.

I recommend you download CCleaner and run it on every computer in your office. It will clear out unnecessary temporary files and it will make your computers run a bit faster.

Click the image below to download CCleaner. It’s free and there’s no need to upgrade.


Once you download the program, go to your Downloads and double click the program. Your computer will ask you if you want to make changes (aka install the program). Click yes. Then this window will pop up. Just click “Next”.


Now the window below. Leave everything marked the way it is and click “Install”.


The window below is next. Uncheck the box that says “View Release notes”. And before you click “Finish”, you’ll want to close out of all the other programs you have running on your computer. If you don’t, CCleaner will ask to close them as part of the cleaning process.


The window below will open. No need to change anything; just click “Run Cleaner”.


If you get any kind of pop up like the one below that says something needs to be closed, just click “Yes”.


When CCleaner is done, you’ll see the window below. The program cleaned 3.2 MB off my home computer. That’s not a lot, but that’s ok. It just means this particular computer didn’t have a lot of junky files on it. That’s good!


And last, the window below will pop up so you’ll know when to clean your computer again.


Signature clear2

But wait…there’s more! Go to part 2.


I’m not a great tech support person, but I’ll help if I can. So if you have questions, send me an email:


  1. Jeannette

    Love the Tip, but When I run cleaner, a pop up says, This process will permanent delete files from your system!
    Do I want to do that? What files will it delete?
    It didn’t say to close Down programs, because I already closed them.

    1. Elizabeth (Post author)

      You can choose Yes to permanently deleting files. It it permanently deleting temporary files which you don’t need.

      1. Jeannette

        Wow!! It cleaned up 972MB off my laptop!?!?😊

        1. Elizabeth (Post author)

          I think you win the prize for most cluttered computer, haha!

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