Clean Your Computer for Better Performance Part 2

After my first post, I received an email from fellow admin Christine Jones. Here is her advice…

Hi Elizabeth! I have CCleaner and loooove it. I run scans on all our office’s laptops (when they are in the office, one of my agents takes it with her everywhere and is constantly on it in the office) at least once a week to make sure there are no bugs. There are actually two spots that can help clean a computer within CCleaner:

1. Under the “Cleaner” tab there is the “Run Cleaner” button like you mentioned

2. Under the “Regsitry” tab you first click “Scan for Issues” and when the program is finished its scan you click “Fix selected issues”, “no” to the question about backing up changes to the registry, and “Fix All Selected Issues”. This part of the program basically deletes broken pathways within the computer’s brain so they can’t be traveled, the broken pathways decreases the speed of the computer.

I also recommend Spybot (version 1.6.2 if you have Windows 10) and Malware Bytes (free versions for both) to scan for malware and viruses. Windows 10 has issues with the 2.4 version of Spybot, it will turn off Windows Defender because it thinks another program is constantly protecting the computer and some Windows 10 updates will uninstall Spybot without telling you. I hear they are working on the issue but for now the 1.6.2 version works as intended on Windows 10.

Good stuff here guys! When I emailed Christine back to thank her for the advice, she wrote back, “My husband is an IT specialist for NASA and if he uses these programs I know they are good! =)”

You heard it folks; advice straight from NASA!

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