Being On Time is Courageous

What’s the difference between showing up for a 9:00 AM meeting at 9:00 AM versus showing up at 9:06 AM?

9:00 AM is on time. 9:06 AM is late.
9:00 AM is respect for the other people at the meeting. 9:06 AM is disrespectful.
9:00 AM is efficient. 9:06 AM is inefficient.
9:00 AM is doing what you said you would do. 9:06 AM is not doing what you said you would do.
9:00 AM is holding yourself accountable to a standard of excellence. 9:06 AM is lazy.
9:00 AM is knowing your priorities and acting on them. 9:06 AM is having no priorities.
9:00 AM is doing a thing to the best it can be done. 9:06 AM is half-assing it.
9:00 AM is self-awareness. 9:06 AM is lack of awareness.
9:00 AM is courageous. 9:06 AM is cowardly.

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