Add a Selfie Station to Your Next Event

I’m not sure what took us so long to implement client events into our marketing plans, but now that we’ve been hosting a monthly event, I am certain that every team should be doing them.

We do monthly because it’s our number one marketing expense. Right now we’re not paying for any type of online lead generation like Zillow or Boomtown, so our marketing dollars are going toward monthly events.

We invite our past clients and we encourage them to bring a friend or two. We also invite our sphere of influence: people we know well who haven’t done business with us yet, and who know us well enough to refer their friends, family, and co-workers to us.

At our last event, a happy hour at a new dog-friendly restaurant and bar, we brought along our new selfie station. I bought a used iPad from a local electronics store and paired it with this ring light and tripod I bought from

It comes with a carrying case too for easy transportation.

We downloaded the app Wifibooth which gives people a countdown and then takes three pictures. The pics are arranged into a collage and the person enters their email address to have the collage emailed to them, or they enter their phone number to get a text of the collage. Now we have people’s phone number or email address!

Here’s what the collage looks like. We were testing it out at our office, so of course I had to be goofy for the test!

The other cool thing about this app is that you can add whatever branding you want at the bottom of the collage. Bar K is the name of the restaurant where we held our event. (Bar K, bar-k, bark. It’s a bar and a dog park. Pretty clever, eh?)

The individual photos and the collage photos are stored in our iCloud account so I can use them to post to our business Facebook page. We can also send the photos to our clients six months from now as a personal touch, “remember when” sort of thing.


As you can see, people had a really good time with the selfie station! There were even people at the restaurant who were not part of our event who asked if they could get their picture taken! How cool is that?

The only drawback is that this particular tripod isn’t really stable. The wind almost knocked it over when we had it set up outside. So we’re looking into what it would take to weigh it down somehow.

Overall though, I highly recommend getting one of these set-ups for your next event. It’s very interactive and our friends and clients love it!

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  1. Ken Smith

    So, you need a camera that is bluetooth enabled, a tripod and an iPad? Is there any other equipment required? Thanks, Ken


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