40 Amazing Topics to Inspire Your Assistant Mastermind Group

Are you facilitating an assistant mastermind group in your real estate office? Here are 40+ topics you can use as subject matter for your group to discuss.

  1. How to hold a mega agent accountable to lead generation and/or daily tasks
  2. Working weeknights and weekends – where to draw the line?
  3. Becoming the “strategic partner” your mega agent needs
  4. Writing your own job description
  5. Tips for creating an operations manual
  6. How to know when to hire additional administrative help
  7. How to know when to hire additional sales help
  8. Covering all the bases in your employment agreement with your mega agent
  9. Defining the admin’s 20%
  10. Creating your personal vision board
  11. What is a MVVBP and what goes into creating one?
  12. How do you track the team’s budget and/or profit and loss statement?
  13. How can you determine the ROI of your time and/or marketing efforts?
  14. The why and how of team building activities
  15. The elements of a 33 touch and best practices for putting one together
  16. What’s the one thing your team does that clients are overly impressed by?
  17. Book discussion (I recommend Rocket Fuel)
  18. Who has the most effective time blocked schedule and how do you make it work?
  19. What goes in your 411?
  20. What the most effective/efficient CRM’s have in common
  21. What is your DISC and how do you change yourself to communicate with team members and clients?
  22. Effective goal setting with the 1-3-5 or GPS
  23. What are you most effective marketing tactics?
  24. Share a tool like Evernote that you can’t live without
  25. How to create an organization chart
  26. What goes into an effective pre-listing package?
  27. The when, why, where, and how of client events
  28. How to help someone on the team discover her way out of the role (ie how to fire someone)
  29. Which is more effective: building a team of ISA’s and OSA’s to generate leads, or paying for a service like Curyator to bring in more leads?
  30. Ways to save the team money
  31. Contract to close systems that work
  32. Listing to contract systems that work
  33. How to contact your own sphere of influence to bring business to the team
  34. Your system for lead tracking and follow up
  35. Your system for referral tracking and follow up
  36. Systems and strategies for staying organized
  37. Paper or paperless – pros and cons of each
  38. The best email templates for setting expectations and relaying information
  39. Best practices for using social media to keep in touch with past clients and generate leads
  40. Know your numbers – what and how to track

Plus…Because I love you so much – Two Bonus Topics!

  1. Delegating versus Releasing
  2. Scripts for admins

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What topics have you covered at your mastermind? Reply or comment, and I’ll add them to the list! egilbert@kw.com


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